Yagate Kimi ni Naru Wiki

The third volume of Manga, containing chapters 11 to 16, was released by Dengeki Comics on November 26th, 2016 in Japan. The English translation licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment was released on September 19th, 2017.


Work continues at the student council in the lead-up to Sports' Day, as well as on the student council play. Yuu's close friend, classmate and aspiring writer Koyomi Kanou, has been enlisted to help write the script. She intends to tailor the characters to the personalities of the council members playing them, a task somewhat complicated by Touko's perfect image but externally opaque personality.

The student council begin regularly meeting at a café near the school to work on the play. The café proprietor, Miyako Kodama, is acquainted with their teacher and student council advisor Riko Hakozaki; Sayaka correctly surmises that they are in a relationship. She discreetly confides in Miyako about her own undeclared romantic feelings for Touko, which continue to grow, as well as her prior experiences with romance.

Yuu remains unclear on the nature of her own feelings for Touko, and although she realizes that she is happy in their relationship, she denies to herself that they are romantic from her end.



  • The volume extras include a skit where Yuu meets two of her kouhai from her middle school softball club, a skit where Touko tries to watch Yuu's PE practice during class, a 4-koma skit about Touko changing into summer uniforms, and a height chart of the principal characters.