The second volume of Yagate Kimi ni Naru, containing chapters 6 to 10, was released by Dengeki Comics on April 27th, 2016 in Japan. The English translated version licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment was released on May 16th, 2017.

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After the student council elections, the new members – President Touko Nanami, Vice President Sayaka Saeki, Yuu Koito, Seiji Maki and Suguru Doujima – settle into their new positions. In private, Yuu and Touko continue their secret relationship. Although Touko's feelings seem to be growing ever stronger, Yuu still feels that she is unable to reciprocate romantically.

Touko reveals that for the upcoming culture festival, she plans to revive a school tradition that was cancelled seven years ago: the student council play, starring the council members. Yuu is initially reluctant to help out with the production, but later discovers that the reason the play was cancelled was the death of the then-president: Mio Nanami, Touko's elder sister. Much like Touko today, Mio was a remarkable student who was well-loved and respected by all those around her.

Yuu surmises that Touko's entire persona stems from her wish to fulfil the expectations placed on her as Mio's younger sister by attempting to become her late sister's replacement. Knowing the burden this places on Touko, Yuu asks her to drop this façade and instead simply be herself. Touko rebuffs her – she remains set on completing her late sister's ambitions and finishing the play, with or without Yuu's help.

Faced with this choice, Yuu resolves to continue to support Touko. Touko asks Yuu to promise to help her with the play, not to fall in love with anyone else and, crucially, not to fall in love with her: Touko's conception of love is as something entirely conditional and easily withdrawn, another expectation and burden placed upon her. From Touko's perspective, Yuu, being incapable of falling in love with anyone, is the only person who can fully accept her.

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  • The volume contained two interludes:
    • During their freshman year, Sayaka helps Touko turn down a confession from a female classmate.
    • Yuu, as the cashier of her grandparents' bookstore, gains a keen sense of people's reading habits. One day, Touko buys a book about an explicit lesbian romance, which Yuu interprets as an attempt to get a rise out of her. However, it is revealed that Touko was simply unaware of the contents of the book.
  • The volume extras included a map of the student council room and a 4-koma skit about the previous student council administration's coffee preferences.

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