Touko Nanami (七海 燈子 Nanami Tōko) is a second-year high school student and member of the student council, of which she later becomes president.

She hides her true personality and insecurities from everyone except the girl she loves, Yuu Koito. Her best friend is her classmate and fellow student council member Sayaka Saeki.


Touko has long black hair and grey eyes.[nb 1] Many people who meet her remark upon her striking beauty.


As a child, Touko was withdrawn, quiet, and described as constantly hiding behind her older sister, Mio Nanami. By contrast, Mio, seven years Touko's senior, was a model student, universally well-liked, and the center of attention at her high school.

Mio's unexpected death in a traffic accident had a profound effect on young Touko. From that point onward, Touko made every effort to emulate her late sister while concealing her own personality from everyone in her life.

In this role as a replacement for her sister, Touko threw herself into her studies and athletics to great success, while also adopting a confident and friendly persona, earning the admiration of her peers and teachers alike at the cost of her own identity.

Aiming to complete everything Mio was unable to, Touko closely followed in her footsteps, attending the same high school and joining the student council, just as her sister had seven years ago.


Externally, Touko is extremely self-assured, dependable, as well as outgoing and approachable. She is also incredibly determined, even stubborn, when it comes to achieving her goals – once she sets her sights on something, nothing and nobody can dissuade her.

Beneath appearances, however, Touko obsessively hides all of her weaknesses and insecurities from everyone, meaning that she has nobody to confide in and no real bonds with the people who surround her. She conceals any sign of uncertainty behind a self-confident veneer, and her immense feelings of loneliness and isolation beyond an extroverted facade. The perception that she can do anything she sets her mind to means that she feels immense pressure to never fail or falter.

In the course of her almost lifelong effort to replace her sister, Touko came to believe that nothing in her life, neither her relationships nor her achievements, truly belonged to her. As a result, she feels incapable of receiving the love or even kindness of others, keeping everyone at a great distance from her true self. She also conceives of love as being heavily conditional, in that if she changes or stops acting like her sister, people will stop loving her.

The only person she lets her guard down around is Yuu Koito: the ability to feel genuine love for Yuu is the only thing she believes is truly hers.


  • According to Yuu, Touko prefers reference books and bestsellers when she comes to her family's bookstore.
  • If Yuu had been born 1 week earlier, she would have been in the same year as Touko.[3]


  1. Promotional art and colour pages of the manga portrayed Touko with various different eye colours, including grey, blue and purple. The anime consistently shows her with grey eyes.


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