Tomoyuki Ichigaya (市ヶ谷 知雪 Ichigaya Tomoyuki? ) is an acting coach that Riko Hakozaki enlists to help the Student Council with their play.


He went to high school with Mio Nanami, and was a member of the Student Council at the time Mio was president.

Ichigaya was one of the few people who was close enough to Mio to know that she wasn't the perfect student council president everyone saw her as. Far from being hardworking, she usually delegated student council tasks while taking credit for other's work. Despite this, Ichigaya remembers Mio very fondly. Ichigaya also met Mio's younger sister Touko a few times when he visited her house for student council activities.

After high school, Ichigaya joined a theater troupe, where he helps teach drama as an acting coach. Presumably, he met Riko Hakozaki at the theater troupe.

He has a girlfriend, but she is not seen in the manga.




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