Toumi Higashi High School

Tohmi Higashi High School (遠見東高等学校 Tōmi Higashi Kōtōgakkō? ) is a location in Bloom Into You.

Yuu Koito and most other characters attend the school. As is typical for high school, subjects include mathematics, national language, and gymnastics, among others. Important yearly events include Sports Day and the Cultural Festival.





For female students, each year is associated with a certain colored ribbon. Each color stays with each cohort throughout their three years. The colors thus rotate through each year group. At the time of the start of the series, these colors and the years their correspond to are:

  • Freshmen - Yellow
  • Juniors - Red
  • Seniors - Green

In the following year, green will indicate freshmen, yellow juniors and red seniors, and so on.

School Uniform (Male)Edit

School Uniform and Blazer (Female)Edit


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