Seiji Maki (槙 聖司 Maki Seiji? ) is a first-year high school student and member of the Student Council.


He has light brown eyes and straight hair.


Maki has three sisters, two older and one younger than him.

He was on a sports team in elementary school, but he found that he was better suited to taking care of others than being on the field himself. Thus, he joined the student council in middle school.


Maki says that he enjoys taking care of other people, which is his reason for joining the student council. Possibly as the result of growing up with three sisters, he is comfortable being a close confidant to girls who share their problems with him. He finds the love lives of the people around him entertaining, treating them as a form of drama. However, he has no interest in being involved with anyone himself, describing himself as being incapable of falling in love with anyone.


  • He played table tennis with the Junior Sports Club Association.
  • Like Koyomi, he has an interest in reading.


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