Sayaka Saeki (佐伯 沙弥香 Saeki Sayaka) is a second year student and the current student council vice president. She is Touko's best friend.

She is a supporting character in the Yagate Kimi ni Naru anime and manga, and the main character of the spin-off novel Saeki Sayaka ni Tsuite by Hitoma Iruma.


Sayaka has long light brown hair and green eyes. She often does her hair up with a pair of braids. She is considered to be one of the more elegant and beautiful girls in the school.


Sayaka was born into a well-off family and attended an 'exclusive' all-girls school with integrated middle and high school divisions. While at middle school, Sayaka met an older girl who confessed her love to her. They began dating, and although she was at first unsure about the relationship, she too eventually fell in love. However, after the older girl progressed to the high school division, she broke off the relationship, diminishing it as childish, leaving Sayaka both heartbroken and angry.

After middle school, Sayaka switched to a co-educational high school, where she met Touko Nanami, a girl in her year. She quickly came to admire Touko's confidence, hardworking character and outgoing personality. They both joined the student council and began working together, forging a close friendship. Although Sayaka soon realized that she was in love with Touko, she kept this to herself, unwilling to jeopardize their existing relationship. She decided that she was fine simply supporting her friend however she could.


Sayaka seems similar to Touko, being hardworking, dedicated and very intelligent, coming second only to her on most tests. She is also observant and very adept at picking up at subtle social cues and dynamics.

However, she also seems to be more aloof or even unapproachable at times. She seems to have less of a sense of humor, and normally wears a calm and serious expression on her face. In particular, she has a very low tolerance for those she perceives as being lazy. When dealing with a problem, Sayaka prefers people who take the direct and straightforward approach.

Although she experiences loneliness and jealousy, especially when it comes to Touko, she keeps these negative feelings tightly bottled up to prevent causing others trouble or distress. One of the only people she confides in is Miyako, who calls Sayaka a good person for putting the feelings of others above her own.


  • According to Yuu, she likes to buy new release books and critique them. Apparently, she is not too big on fiction books.
  • She has bad eyesight and usually wears contacts to school. In her downtime, she wears a pair of glasses. This is a sight her classmates rarely see and something she seems a little self-conscious about.
  • Yuu and Touko remark that she has a really good singing voice at karaoke.
  • She has a couple pet cats at home.


  2. About the same height as Touko, who is 163 cm (per Volume 3 extras)