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Bloom Into You – Regarding Sayaka Saeki (2) (やがて君になる 佐伯沙弥香について Yagate Kimi ni Naru – Saeki Sayaka ni Tsuite (2)? ) is the second spin-off light novel by Hitoma Iruma, based on the Manga by Nio Nakatani. It is a sequel to the first novel in the series.

It was released on May 10th, 2019 by Dengeki Bunko. A third sequel was released in Spring 2020.

The story focuses on Sayaka and Touko in their first years at Tohmi Higashi High School. Parts of the novel are concurrent with events in the manga.


After her first girlfriend broke her heart, Saeki Sayaka swore she would never let herself fall in love again. Then she started high school--and met Nanami Touko. Drawn to each other from their very first meeting, the two girls develop a friendship that slowly begins to blossom into something more. But is Saeki ready to put her heart on the line one more time? Or will fear hold her back from taking the plunge?


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