Mio Nanami (七海 澪 Nanami Mio? ) was the older sister of Touko Nanami. Seven years before the start of the series, while still at high school, she died in a traffic accident, which had a traumatic effect on Touko.


Overall, Mio looked very similar to Touko Nanami as they both have long black hair.

In the manga, Mio's face is usually obscured whenever photographs or flashbacks of her are shown.

Personality Edit

Most people knew Mio as a friendly, honest and hard-working girl with a dedication to achieving her goals. This is how Touko Nanami saw her sister and she is the image that she attempts to emulate.

However, those who were close to Mio, like fellow student council member named Tomoyuki Ichigaya, knew a different side to her. Far from being hardworking, she usually delegated student council tasks while only giving speeches and basking in attention and admiration. At one point, she even asked the other student council members to help her do her homework, which they all did willingly – even those who truly did know her still adored her.


Mio was seven years older than Touko Nanami (Mio's younger sister) and the pair were close with the shy Touko often hiding behind her sister when meeting other people.

At high school, Mio was the president of the student council and had a glowing reputation as a model student, advanced in both academics and athletics. She was at the center of social life at the school, and both students and teachers depended on her.

However, seven years ago, Mio was killed in a traffic accident, just before the high school cultural festival. Her death also ended the student council tradition of putting on a play at the cultural festival. This event was traumatic and formative for Touko, who resolved to complete everything her sister had left unfinished.

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  • Mio's surname Nanami means "seven" (七 nana) and "sea, ocean" (海 mi).


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