Koyomi Kanou (叶 こよみ Kanō Koyomi) is a first year high school student and one of Yuu's friends and classmates. She is an aspiring writer.


She has black hair and grey-blue eyes. Unlike most other students, she usually doesn't wear a ribbon with her uniform.


Koyomi went to the same middle school as Yuu and Akari. She has been a long-time fan of the elusive fiction writer Renma Hayashi (林錬磨 Hayashi Renma).


Koyomi is quiet and reserved, with a strong drive and focus toward achieving her goal of becoming a writer. However, she is self-conscious about her writing, and rarely lets others read her work.


  • Koyomi is a frequent customer at Yuu's family bookshop, where she often buys books by her favorite novelists and has subscriptions to numerous literature magazines.
  • Koyomi doesn't really like dresses. She hates cute things, which is why she doesn't wear a ribbon with her uniform.


  1. Bloom Into You 2018 Schedule Book
  2. About the same height as Yuu (per Volume 3 extras)