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Koyomi Kanou (叶 こよみ Kanō Koyomi? ) is a first year high school student and one of Yuu Koito's friend/classmates who is an aspiring writer.


Koyomi has chin-length black hair that has bangs swept to the left and grey-blue eyes.

Unlike most other students, she usually doesn't wear a ribbon with her uniform.


Koyomi is a quiet and reserved girl with a strong drive and focus toward achieving her goal of becoming a writer. However, she is self-conscious about her writing that she rarely lets others read her work.


Koyomi went to the same middle school as Yuu Koito and Akari Hyuuga who has been a long-time fan of the elusive fiction writer named Renma Hayashi (林 錬磨 Hayashi Renma).


  • Koyomi's surname Kanou means "leaf" (叶).
    • The kanji "叶" is used in the verbs 叶える kanaeru, meaning "to grant (a request), to answer (a prayer)" and 叶う kanau, meaning "to fulfill (a dream or aspiration), to come true".[3][4]


  • Koyomi is a frequent customer at Yuu Koito's family bookshop where she often buys books by her favorite novelists and has subscriptions to numerous literature magazines.
  • Its unknown as to what kind of footwear Koyomi wears when wearing the outfit near the end of ep 12 and during the intro of ep 13, as she was shown barefooted when in that outfit during ep 12, and in ep 13, her foot was never shown when in that outfit. They are also so far the only times Koyomi wears that outfit.
  • Koyomi doesn't really like dresses and she hates cute things, which is why she doesn't wear a ribbon with her uniform.


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