Haru Edamoto (枝元 陽 Edamoto Haru? )[1][Note 1] is Sayaka's girlfriend, whom she started dating after the events of the manga.

At the time of Chapter 45 (3 years after the main events of the manga), Yuu Koito was apparently familiar with her, but Touko Nanami was not. Sayaka meets her at university at the end of the second light novel. She appears on the front cover of the third light novel.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Haru means "light, sun, male, positive" (陽 haru). The kanji character also refers to one element (yang) of the yin-yang dual.


  1. Her surname is 枝元, the regular reading of which is Edamoto, but no official reading has been confirmed yet.

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