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The eighth episode of Bloom Into You aired on November 23, 2018.


While waiting for Touko, Sayaka has a brief run-in with her ex-girlfriend, managing to say her peace to her. Later, as the student council prepares to take part in a competitive relay event, Yuu spends some time with Sayaka to hear her thoughts on both the play and Touko. On a rainy day, as Yuu ends up walking home with Touko, and wanting to perhaps try using nicknames/petnames as a sort of form of intimacy insurance. But backfiring and invoking yet another emotional overload Yuu wonders if reciprocating will always trigger the same response. Continuing their walk Touko becomes wary when Yuu begins to show real affection towards her, even though Yuu was only taking Touko's suggestion through it's logical progression. This only leaves Yuu to agree to a promise of Touko's she's aware can really never be in any kind of healthy balanced relationship.



  • This episode adapts chapters 13, 14 and Volume 3 extras of the Manga.
  • Some scenes are rearranged and some are added for the anime.