Chie Yuzuki (柚木 千枝 Yuzuki Chie? ) is the former middle school senpai and ex-girlfriend of Sayaka Saeki.

Although she is not identified in the original manga, she is named in the spin-off light novel Regarding Sayaka Saeki, in which she plays a major part.


Yuzuki attended Tomosumi Girls' School (友澄女子 Tomosumi Joshi), an all-girls school with combined middle and high school divisions. There, she met and befriended Sayaka Saeki, a girl in the year below, through the school choir. The two grew close, and eventually Yuzuki confessed her love for Sayaka. Sayaka soon also developed feelings in return, and the two began dating.

However, after Yuzuki progressed to the high school division, she broke off the relationship, diminishing it as childish. Sayaka surmised that Yuzuki was never in love with her, and simply used her as an outlet for her desire to go through the motions of being in love. Angry and heartbroken, Sayaka changed schools to avoid her.


Yuzuki seems relatively insensitive with regards to how her actions affect other people. In particular, she was either ignorant or indifferent to how her actions hurt Sayaka Saeki and she also seems to view same-sex relationships in general as an abnormality.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Chie means "thousand" (千 chi) and "branch" (枝 e).
  • Chie's surname Yuzuki means "grapefruit, pomelo, citrus fruit" (柚 yuzu) and "tree, wood" (木 ki).
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