Akari Hyuuga (日向 朱里 Hyūga Akari) is a high school freshman and Yuu's friend. She is an avid basketball player.


She has long auburn hair which she wears with a hair clip. Despite being a first year, she is one of the tallest girls at the school. She usually doesn't wear the jacket with her uniform, even during the colder months.


Akari went to the same middle school as her friends Yuu and Koyomi, where she was part of the basketball team. She applied to the same school as her crush, Oogaki, an upperclassman who was also on the team.


Akari is athletic, but not very book smart. She tries not to inconvenience people even when it hurts her feelings. However, she can also be persistent, sometimes to a fault, especially with regards to pursuing her crush.



  • According to Yuu, she reads nothing but manga.
  • She is the tallest member of the principal cast, and "still growing".


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